True Bias Lodo- New Size Range!


It was so exciting to get the chance to test the new and improved size range from True Bias, especially because the first pattern released was the Lodo Dress! I had actually purchased this pattern several years ago in the old size range and attempted to grad it up, but it had some fit issues that I never took the time to revise and sort out. So it is SO FUN to finally be able to wear this pattern!


It turns out that the secret to getting a dress shaped like this to fit my body is a bust dart. YES! You know, I’ve always had this hang up about being plus size but small busted, but I’m finally coming around to the idea that I do need an FBA or, as is becoming more and more common these days, a pattern drafted for a larger cup size. The new size range from True Bias in available in 24-30 and is drafted for a D cup. Yay!


This is my tester version and a few changes were made to the final pattern, but I am really happy with this version and I have been wearing it as much as I can. This is the size 20 bust, 24 waist, and 26 hip. It was kind of a large, awkward grading between sizes but it did work out.


The bust dart was about an inch too low and 1/2″ too long, both of which I fixed for this dress by angling the dart up and shortening. The bust dart was shortened in the final version, but  the height wasn’t adjusted. My bust is rather high, so this dart should work well for most people, I would think.


There were a few fit issues in the back with pooling above the butt, but this has been addressed in the final pattern and I’m so excited to give that a try. And honestly, this version is totally passable and it doesn’t bother me at all, after all its in the back 😉


So do you want to know my dirty little secret about this fabric? Its actually the back of a houndstooth ponte from Joann’s. I can’t find it on the website or I would share, but this is a good reminder that you don’t always have to follow the fabric rules! I’m not going to lie, I think it might be a little more staticky and shiny than it would have been the “right” way, but it works and I love the texture.


I’m really excited to give the final version of this pattern a go, because this pattern is just so easy to make and to wear! I love a t-shirt dress, and this just a slightly more stylish version. It works so well over leggings and is a great base for accessorizing. And yay for a  great new size range from True Bias, I can’t wait to see what is next!


Just the Facts:

Pattern:  True Bias Lodo Dress

Current Measurements: Bust: 46″, Waist 44″, Hip 55″

Size:  20-24-26

Fabric/Notions: The “wrong” side of a houndstooth ponte from Joann’s

13 thoughts on “True Bias Lodo- New Size Range!

  1. That is really classy looking, especially for a knit dress. I would never have guessed it was the “wrong” side of the fabric. I love the simplicity of this! I’ll be working in a new office (and less at home, alas) starting in January, so I’m going to need to sew some simple work clothes, and this is going right on my list. You look great in it!


    1. P.S. As a fellow “small-busted” plus, I still have to do an FBA virtually all of the time, too. Even though I wear a 40C or 42B (depending on the brand, those cups are the same size), I have 4.5″ difference between my upper and full bust measurements so I’m a D cup for sewing. It took me a looooong time to accept that sewing cup sizes had nothing to do with my actual bra size. Like, I’m not wearing the wrong size bra, either. I’ve been fitted twice because 42B is so hard to find! Hahaha.


      1. Hahah I hear you on that 42B thing!! Glad to hear someone else is experiencing this! I’m going to remeasure and accept my sewing cup size as law! Haha


    2. Yes! This is totally a great basic and I think would work in nearly any office environment depending on the fabric you choose. And it’s easy to layer!


  2. OMG you look great in this! I have loved this pattern for ages but never bought it because I didn’t fit into the size range. I just now bought it and printed out the pattern – I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for posting!


  3. You won me over on this one! I did not purchase it because I did not like how the models looked in it! You look great and the pattern is great on you! I was not looking at it as a basic. Thanks for the new perspective.


  4. Great call to use the “wrong” side on the fabric. It’s far more interesting than the “right” side. I had to use quotes because as all sewists know, often the wrong side is the right side! You and the dress look great!


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