SBCC Pisco Dress Tester Version


Hi, friends! I’m here today to share my tester version of the new Pisco Dress (and tank) from SBCC patterns. After struggling with fit for many years, testing the Harvey Shirt a couple of months ago was a major breakthrough for me: I learned that I am, in fact, petite from the bust to the shoulder even though I am 5’7″ tall. I guess I had always suspected it, but it never occurred to me to sew a petite pattern since I am technically “tall”. I love my Harvey Shirt and the newly released Pisco Dress is another huge winner for me, and even better, it come in both petite and “average” sizing! A first for SBCC and a real bonus for me… read on, because the sizing customization options with this pattern are nearly too good to be true.


Firstly, Betsy has cleverly constructed this pattern so that both the bodice and the skirt have a petite and an average draft, meaning that you can join them at the waist and use the petite bodice with the average skirt like I did, or vice versa! In fact, if you read between the lines, you can use both the average lengths and suddenly the SBCC patterns can easily be used by someone who is not petite! If you have been avoiding SBCC patterns because you aren’t petite (and I get it, who wants to add another pattern adjustment?), I dare you to give this one a try. I want everyone to experience the amazing fit of this pattern!


In addition to the height options, this pattern comes in cup sizes B, C, and D. I sewed the C cup in a 1X bust, 2X waist, and 3X hips. I did make a few alterations to the fit of this tester version, but it sounds like all the fit issues I had were addressed in the final pattern, so I won’t confuse you with the details.


The last bit of exciting fit news is that a size 4X was added with the release of this pattern, so it goes up to a 60.5″ bust and a 61.5″ hips. HOORAY! That is one of the best size ranges in the indie pattern market, for sure. Just as a note, the measurements on the pattern listing page are the finished measurements, but the size chart is included in the actual pattern itself. Its nice to have both data points, but that was always something that confused me until I actually sewed an SBCC pattern. I promise its clear in the instructions.


Listen, I know I’m gushing and quite frankly its embarrassing. But if you read back through my blog (and instagram), you will see the saga of me trying to fit a knit tank dress and then finally giving up and just hacking a swing dress from the Concord Tee because thats all I could get to fit my bust to waist to hip measurements. But I have always, always wanted a knit pattern like this that fell straight from the hips in an unfussy way that would be easy to pair with leggings and long cardigans. I even have it in my sketchbook as #outfit goals!


Well, it turns out all that was required to handle these curves was five shaped seams (insert laughing/crying emoji here). Princess seams in the front and the back PLUS a shaped center back seam is the real ticket here, people. No side seams required (and I’m not really curvy in the side to side direction anyways, more the front and back directions, which I think has been my fit issue in the past). This is the real deal, pattern drafting magic. For me, this pattern is personal!

Now, when I first saw the line drawing, this style didn’t really speak to me. In fact, I couldn’t find anything in the stash that I thought would work (I was scared to use my precious pontes) and had to break my #fabricfast pledge and go to my local(ish) Joann’s and look for something. Good thing they have really stepped up their garment fabric options in the last few years and had this liverpool knit (ok, they call it stretch crepe) in a fun print, and of course on sale. I still wasn’t sold on the fact that I was going to like this pattern. Well, watch out stash pontes, I’m coming for you! I’m going to be wearing all the tank dresses with cardigans, leggings, and boots once fall finally rolls around in New Mexico.


I like that this style can also skew a bit sporty, I’m thinking I may make it in an athletic knit and it will be my dream hiking dress. It should be really easy to add some deep pockets that span between the princess seams to hold my phone, dog accessories, and all my snacks! The cute little “sleeves” should provide just enough shoulder and back coverage.


Construction wise, this goes together super easily if you are experience with knits. There’s not much I enjoy more than zipping a stable, beefy knit through the serger. Just keep in mind there is a LOT of topstitching (though you can’t really see it in my photos), so make sure that your fabric is amenable to that. I suppose that topstitching the vertical seams is optional, but it was totally necessary with this fabric since it barely held a press. I actually did all the topstitching using a straight stitch on my regular machine. Since it runs vertically, it shouldn’t be experiencing too much stress/stretch. Then I got a little carried away and topstitched the neckline and arm bands the same way. So far so good on that. I didn’t want to tempt fate, so I did bust out the wide, two-thread overstitch for the hem.


Anyways, I think I have gushed enough! I hope ya’ll will give this pattern a try, it is seriously so thoughtfully drafted and I can’t think of a pattern with more fit customization options. Thanks for asking me to test, Betsy. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Just the Facts:

Pattern: Pisco Dress  from SBCC patterns

Current Measurements: Bust: 46″, Waist 42″, Hip 54″

Size:  1X C cup, 2X, 3X

Fabric/Notions: Floral Stretch Crepe knit from Joann Fabrics,  no notions required!

This pattern was provided to me in exchange for my pattern testing services, with no expectation of a blog post or review.

16 thoughts on “SBCC Pisco Dress Tester Version

  1. I’m glad I clicked through to your post. The dress looks great on you but I initially thought it was just a two-pattern-piece knit dress. The line drawing is really tempting me as well.


    1. I know! I don’t normally include line drawings in my posts, but you can see the seams at all with this floral print. The real magic is definitely in all those seams!


  2. I am so happy for you! You found the unicorn of patterns, lol!!! Seriously, nothing is better than a good fit with minimal alterations. That’s really interesting – I am also petite from bust to shoulders, but I am also only 5’2”. However, other petite patterns I avoid as I am very busty and need the extra fabric to cover this area rather than for height. I haven’t really looked at SBCC patterns, but I will now, I really like the details of this dress


    1. I think (hope) you will like them. Maybe the D cup draft with a slight FBA? I’m not super busty but my front is much longer than my back (I think due to posture not boobs), which has forever been the issue with this type of dress for me. Unfortunately I think this is the only pattern with cup sizes (so far). Fingers crossed it works for you if you decide to give it a try.


  3. Thank you for this review. I got the email from SBCC and deleted it right away, not sure I needed another knit dress as I was trying to make one of the Cashmerette patterns into a knit dress. Your review has sold me. Holy smokes, the fit is great on you and what I want for myself, some light shape definition and easy sewing. Going to purchase it right now.


    1. Yay!! I’m so glad to hear that Rebecca! While I do have a lot of luck with Cashmerette, I think this is a totally different and more modern style. I do like the Pembroke from Cashmerette, which is a fairly similar look in theory, but there I have to do all the fitting in the side seams so it doesn’t end up nearly as well fitting as this. Hope you like it!

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  4. This look great and your fit is superb! I’d have to change the neckline to be lower and/or a vee because I just am not comfortable in a jewel neckline, but that’s an easy enough change.


    1. Thanks Debbie! I think the neckline is pretty hackable here, especially because the princess seams go into the armscye. I hadn’t thought I would like this neckline either, but I tried it to stay to true to the tester version and I think it actually works on my body. Who knew? hah!


  5. I LOVE this! I’ve made a couple of SBCC patterns now and they’ve worked really well for me (they should, as I’m 5’2″, hahaha), but this looks like the best one yet. And it looks perfectly fitted on you! I can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern.


  6. This looks beautiful on you and you did a great job! I was interested in your comments about being petite despite being tall. I always have to shorten patterns in the area between the shoulder seam and the full bust and (frequently) this does violence to the design. I’ve now bought the pattern and will see how combining the petite top and average bottom goes. I’m 5’8′ but with really long legs…keeping my fingers crossed!


  7. That is such a great fit. Well done. I quite like the fact the print hides the “sport” lines, but in plain knits you get a different look.

    Maybe have look at the scroop modern fantail pocket hack to help with your plan?


  8. Thank you for the posting. The pattern is very flattering. I particularly like your blog because you are a similar build to me although i am 5′ 2″. I havent sewn knits for years so your tips are very helpful.


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