Works in Progress…

I’ve been busy lately… too busy to post! I spent last weekend celebrating my 30th birthday by skiing and exploring the wacky and wonderful world of southern Colorado.

A crazy welded structure in Antonito, CO

Wearing (unblogged) me-made items in the new distillery in Salida, CO

Also, I finally got my vintage Singer 66-16 up and running. So excited!!!! I actually bought it about three years ago for something like 20 or 40 bucks at the thrift store, mostly because I liked the mid-century style of the table it came in. I’ve been using it as a side table, not realizing the amazing sewing machine hidden underneath. I was a bit intimidated by it, but I got it running with a little moral support from a dude friend and just a few tweaks. It runs soooooo smoooothly. I think it’s from 1951.

In other news, I’ve hemmed my colette clovers and they are ready for some lights, camera, action!

I bought myself the newest Alabama Chanin Studio book for my birthday (I would link to it if I wasn’t trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to write this blog post from my phone). Here is the tank top pattern getting its grade-up on.

I hope you all enjoy my amazing iPhone photo skillz.

The rest of my time has been spent working… if by working I mean reading the newest Barbara Kingsolver book on the tailgate of our work truck (I’m a geologist by trade).

That’s the news for now, folks!


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