Me Made Mady 2013

Me-Made-May Outfit 13

Shorts: newly made New Look 6710
Here are the new shorts for rafting! I wore them on Saturday and they were awesome! I have several pairs of ready to wear shorts that I’ve worn for rafting in the past but none of them are quite right. Too short, too long, not enough room through the thighs for sitting around on the raft, etc, etc, etc. These, however, were just right! Plus, the more ridiculous you look while on the river, the better, at least in my opinion. 
Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in northern New Mexico! Not everyone can leave their house at 9 in the morning, spend most of the day in a place like this, and then be back home in time for dinner.
Also, these makes one of the two promised sewn items during MMM that can be used for outdoor hobbies. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Outfit 13

  1. I THINK its just some nylon that I got from an ebay seller claiming that it was supplex. Its pretty lightweight- great for activewear shorts!


  2. haha! yes, i do limit my shorts wearing to activities where absolutely nothing else would be suitable. actually, i'm working on a river skort right now, so maybe i won't have to wear shorts at all soon!


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