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(Another) Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee

I can hardly believe that one of the last finished projects I posted before my blogging hiatus started FOUR years ago was a summer concert tee that I am still wearing almost weekly, so clearly it was high time to make another! This is such a fun and quick tee pattern, with lots of room for hacking and making it your own.


Dixie DIY doesn’t seem to be making patterns anymore, but she still has the Summer Concert Tee for sale in her Etsy shop and her current historical costuming and everyday wear projects are super inspiring. Her patterns were some of the first that I used and this pattern was surely one of my first 10 projects. It says a lot that I keep coming back to it!


If you clicked through to her shop, you will see that the size range is super restrictive. This is the XL, which has a bust measurement 3 inches smaller than my current bust measurement. I like how it fits slightly sized down and there is a lot of ease through the hips (just excuse the bunching you see there, its caught up on my jeans).


I added 2″ in length right around the waistline, as drafted its a bit of a crop top. As you can see, it has a fun high/low hem. This look might be starting to get a bit dated (what to do I know?) but I don’t care! I like it, especially for wearing with mini skirts and leggings.


I love the little pocket that is included with this pattern, but its kinda challenging to place it in a non-awkward place. Haha! I left off the neck and sleeve bindings in favor of just turning and cover stitching. Isn’t this print fabulous? Its from Joann’s, but I can’t find it on the website.


(insert shitty coverstitch photo here ;))

Oh, whats that I heard? Its May again? I’ve been dragging my feet on pledging, but of course I have to participate in Me-Made-May. I can hardly believe it, but the blog never lies, I started sewing in the fall of 2012 and participated in my first Me-Made-May in 2013 by pledging to wear two garments a week, and I’ve participated every year since. Its amazing that in just five and a half years of sewing, I’m at the point where about 80-90% of the clothes I wear everyday are made by me. So if you are just starting off sewing, I promise the initial struggle is worth it! It doesn’t really take that long to create a me-made wardrobe.

Last year my pledge involved redefining my style a bit, and while I think I have achieved that to some extent, I never the did the closet cleanup that should have followed! So I plan to incorporate that this year. I’m hoping I can identify the items that I’m no longer wearing and either refashion them or finally get rid of them. Its just so hard for me to part with my me-made clothes, but my closet is completely full and I think I’m only wearing about 20% of it on a daily basis. So, without further ado:

‘I, Megan of the The Green Violet, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear at least 2 handmade items during every day in May 2018. I will also use this time to reevaluate my wardrobe and refashion or donate items I no longer want to wear.’

No promises on documenting it everyday, but I’m sure I’ll try to snap some pics over on Instagram and I will post a followup on how the closet clean out goes at the end of the month. What are you planning to do??

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