Me Made May 2018

Me Made May ’18: The First Half

Are you sick of Me Made May yet? No? Good, me either. I really love seeing how everyone wears their clothes everyday even though it takes me four times as long to scroll through my instagram feed 😉

In case, like me, you forgot what my pledge was, here it is again:

I, Megan of the The Green Violet, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear at least 2 handmade items during every day in May 2018. I will also use this time to reevaluate my wardrobe and refashion or donate items I no longer want to wear.’

I’ve been doing well on the pledge so far, I actually don’t think I’ve worn less than 4 items any day (when I include my bra and undies in the count) and I haven’t worn any RTW as part of my main outfit, though a couple of items have snuck in as loungewear or workwear. And I just accidentally wrote a whole rant about that, so I’m going to do a copy and paste and save that for my wrap up post. On to the outfits!!!

You are also going to see this Blackwood Cardigan a LOT. Guess I need to do a blog post about it! On the left I’m also wearing my Made by Rae Isla top and Cashmerette Ames Jeans. On the right I’m wearing a Cashmerette concord tee dress hack and self drafted leggings. I had an important meeting on the second day, hence the slightly fancier outfit.

On left I am wearing a Closet Case Patterns Ebony tee in a sweatshirt knit (with another Ebony tee under it), a Colette patterns Mabel Skirt, and Helen’s Closet’s Avery Leggings. On the the right are the same leggings and a Seamwork Akita top lengthened to a tunic. I looked back through my pictures and I made this tunic in 2015, so I’m super happy to see that I am still wearing and loving it. I might need another.

Once again, I am wearing two pairs of Avery leggings in these photos. On the left, they are paired with an Ottobre patterns Hideaway Hoodie dress for lounging and curling and on the right I’m wearing my most favorite dress of all times: a Fancy Tiger Fen Dress. I also made this one a couple of years back and I’m still happy with it. I’m so glad that MMMay is revealing that at least a few of my projects have been long lasting!

Now for some pants outfits… these are 75% Cashmerette! On the left is a Cashmerette Concord Tee worn with Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pants. These are older and haven’t been getting a lot of wear, but I’m glad I pulled them back out. On the right is the Cashmerette Cedar Dolman paired with Cashmerette Ames Jeans. Despite how my first few outfits looked, my personal style is definitely trending towards more pants and jeans (now that I’ve sewn some I actually like!).

Is this getting repetitive yet? I’m choosing to tell myself I’ve created a cohesive wardrobe 😉 On the left is my second pair of Cashmerette Ames Jeans worn with my recently made Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee. On the right is my second Seamwork Akita tunic, which is also a couple of years old, and my black self drafted leggings.

Another curling outfit, another pair of Avery Leggings, and yet another wearing of my Ames Jeans and Blackwood cardigan. Worn in both these photos is my new Penny Raglan from Grainline Patterns that I finished over the weekend.

Obviously I didn’t capture outfits everyday- I promised myself I wouldn’t pressure myself to do it. And I wore that Dixie DIY top and my Ames jeans twice so I didn’t subject you to two photos of that one. I really like that my outfits are repeatable, in fact I’m feeling more and more drawn towards the “uniform” idea. I had a uniform in high school and it sure made dressing easy! I’m thinking it would be nice to have a few interchangeable jeans and tee outfits and a few tunic and leggings outfits. In fact, maybe I’m already there. Just need to get the old stuff I’m not wearing out of the closet…

Speaking of that, I did hold up the second part of my pledge and pulled a number of items out of my closet for refashion or donation. All these are on the line, but I haven’t made any progress on any refashions yet. Hopefully I’ll have more to report by the end of May!

These are poorly fitting, poorly sewn, or just straight up have holes (that last one). I’m not sure there is much salvageable in these four.

I think these four might be more salvageable, they mostly just fit poorly but have a lot of salvageable fabric. I think most will be made into tanks or skirts.

Well, I think thats enough from me for now! Obviously there are quite a few items that still need to be blogged! How’s  your Me Made May going? I think I’m off to sew another Penny Raglan, I’m obsessed!


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