Seamwork Kaye Set: Bralette and Shorts

When the Seamwork Kaye set was first released, it caught my eye as a good option to make some shorts to wear under dresses when it gets too hot for leggings (and were are officially there here in New Mexico). Real talk here- I just don’t wear dresses without something under them anymore. Its not worth risking the potential chaffing, not to mention its really windy here almost all year.


When my fellow CSC members and I were scheming about the Curvy Year of Sewing Extras and Accessories Theme, Tanya and I decided to do a Same Pattern, Different Bodies review of the shorts pattern. Since I also tried out the bralette pattern, I figured the pattern deserved a whole review here, too.


The first pair was made out of an athletic knit from Joann Fabrics, which has about 25-50% stretch. I highly recommend this fabric if you want to use this pattern for chub rub prevention, its very lightweight, quick dry, and shouldn’t cause too much static cling. I only made these on Saturday, but I tested them out with gardening, dog walking, grocery shopping, and going out to dinner and they were amazingly comfortable through the whole day.


Overall, the fit on me is fine. As you can see, it was a little short through the back crotch curve so I added an extra inch before I made the next pair. If I was going to wear these alone, not just under something, I might nit-pick the crotch curves but in this case, I’m just going to let it go! I will say that I originally thought the back and front pieces were swapped because the front crotch curve is much longer than the back. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but this makes the inseam and crotch seam sit a little further back on my body, which should be good for minimizing chaffing.


For my first version (above in pink), I mostly sewed the shorts as drafted. When it came to the waistband, I inserted it like I would a neckband, stretching it as I sewed. I would say its 4 or so inches shorter than drafted, I don’t think they would have stayed up with the waistband as drafted. Instead of folding and hemming as suggested in the pattern directions, I added fold over elastic to the hem to help keep them in place throughout the day.


After my test run wearing the first version for a day, I decided I liked them so much that I  decided I would make a loungewear/sleep set. I didn’t really have high hopes for the bralette in terms of being supportive, but I thought I would give it a go anyways.


This set is made out of Joann’s basic rayon/spandex blend (sorry, I couldn’t find it on the website for some reason). I lined the bra with the same fabric I used for the first pair of shorts, but in black. It has a nice cleanly finished lining technique, which I appreciated.


For the bra, I sewed a size XL, as measured. I wanted to size down because the larger size range is drafted for a DD cup (which I am definitely not), but since Seamwork issues two size ranges for each pattern, I was too lazy to print and tape the smaller size range, too. I think it actually fits as designed, but if I were to make it again I think I would just shorten the front straps a smudge and angle them in a slight bit to keep them from sliding off my shoulders.


Its pretty cute, but in reality its not that practical. I do think it might make a cute dress bodice, though. I was asked if I thought it would work well as a sports bra and I have to give that a resounding NO! At least not without quite a few modifications.


Theres isn’t too much to add about this second pair of shorts. They are not going to work well for wearing under dresses, but they are super comfortable as lounge and sleepwear!It came up a little tight through the back crotch again so I altered the pattern for future versions by adding length to the curve near the crotch point and scooping out the crotch a bit. I just hemmed these instead of adding elastic since I didn’t think they were going to see any major use, but they are still bunching up just wearing them around the house, so I may rip out the hem and add FOE.


Well, I’m off to sew one more pair of these in the black version colorway of the quick dry knit so that I can be happily chafe-free all summer! Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!


2 thoughts on “Seamwork Kaye Set: Bralette and Shorts

  1. I do like the shorts as an undergarments. As my abdomen has expanded, I can’t keep panties up anymore! I think shorts with a good waistband will stay up and feel great if I make them with a good knit with wicking properties. I’m making bras now, and I’m getting a better fit and prettier choices than I probably ever had!


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