Remake Nine

2019 Remake Nine

I’ve been watching everyone’s Make Nine plans pop up on instagram and blog and thinking to myself… I surely don’t need nine new clothing items. Of course we all know that I will definitely make more than nine things next year (see my 2018 Year in Review post about how I made 56 items for myself last year), but I wanted to challenge myself to be a bit more sustainable in my sewing next year. After late night instagram rant, the Remake Nine challenge was born!


For now, its a one person challenge, but I would love for others to join me! The idea is to remake (at least) nine items in your closet. This could include replacing me-made or ready to wear items with newly sewn items OR fixing, mending, or altering items in your closet to make them wearable again. The key is that you then have to donate, scrap, or trash the item you are replacing, thus making sure that you aren’t adding any new items to your wardrobe. Of course, this challenge isn’t for everyone, if you need or want to make new clothing then by all means go for it! No judgement here. This is simply to motivate me to limit the amount of items I add to my wardrobe while still getting my sewing fix! I will still be making plenty of new garments next year, I’m just hoping this will make it nine less than it would have been otherwise.

Replace Me-Mades

I’ve broken my nine items into three categories. The first are three me made items in my lingerie drawer that desperately need to be replaced… you guessed it, bras and undies! Its been almost a year and a half since I made an underwire bra and though I haven’t been wearing them as much as my soft bras, they still have a place in my life! The ones I have are ratty or don’t fit at all, so the Marlborough Bra is first up on my list of items to replace.


The second item on my list is undies. I love the Papercut Patterns Soma Swimsuit bottoms for underwear, and my current pairs are in an embarrassing state. Its time to replace them all.


The two Watson Bras I made last year have been wardrobe workhorses, and it it shows! They need to be replaced with some new everyday bras.



Fix Me-Mades

The next three items are me made garments that I just don’t wear, but with a few simple tweaks, should incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. The first is a Colette Moneta Dress that I just don’t wear, its not really my style anymore and the rayon blend fabric I used is too heavy for the gathered skirt. However, I love the fabric and I want to salvage it! I have a few ideas, we will see what actually happens.

2016-05-24 17.12.34

The next item is a purple Grainline Farrow. Lets just say I got too creative with this one, the pattern was great as designed and I made too many tweak and the style just became awkward. I think I need to take of the sleeves and somehow fix the neckline and it will be perfect!


The final me-made I want to fix is this Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee. I didn’t do a good fabric/pattern pairing here and I don’t find myself reaching for it very often. Its the kind of casual top I can wear to work, but the extra volume gets in the way when bending and lifting. If I just take it in a bit I think it will be perfect!


Replace Ready to Wear

The final grouping of garments for my ReMake Nine is RTW items that I would like to replace with me-made items. Most of these have been on my list for years and I need to finally get on with making them!

Firstly, I need some simple tank dresses to wear for sleeping. I have a few RTW and some me-made ones that desperately need replacing.

Secondly, I have two cropped cardigans in my wardrobe that I’ve held on to for way too long. I think I’ve had one of these since college! Cropped cardigans are so great to wear with dresses and these really need to be replaced. I have one in black and one in gray and I will replace at least one of them this year with a me-made! Not sure what pattern I will use yet, I’m open to suggestions!

Finally, the most ambitious item on my list is to replace my ready to wear ski pants. I have about 4 pairs that are either too big or too small and all fit horribly. Every time I ski, I curse them for riding too low and cutting in when I bend down to buckle my boot. I WILL make some pants for skiing this year, the problem is I don’t know where to start! There aren’t any good patterns in my size range, so this is going to be a major hack job.


So what do you think? Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by the size of their closet? Will you join me in remaking nine items in 2019? Please hashtag with #remakenine2019 and tag me in any posts you make if you decide to join in!



14 thoughts on “2019 Remake Nine

  1. Thanks. Lots of good info. I like how you took an idea and made it work for you. Would love to know more about the me-made ski pants. The fabrics, types of threads, patterns, etc.


  2. Love your idea. I look at all my patterns and the EXCESSIVE amount of fabric I have and wonder how to balance that with a simpler lifestyle and scaling back on material goods. I like your idea of replacing, recycling, and fixing items. My goal in 2019 is to focus on skill-building and working my way through some of that fabric! Many items in my closet don’t fit, so I’ll donate them and replace them. Love your blog!


    1. Thanks!! I agree with you, I have SO much fabric. I think at some point I need to sell or donate the stuff I don’t think I’m ever going to use just so I can get it under control.


  3. I will be very interested in your ski pants project since I am also planning to make a pair this year. I have a couple of old Burda ski pants patterns and also just bought another one from their Snow Day collection. I am thinking of using a water resistant fabric called Supplex. It’s actually rain coat fabric but I think it would work very well for ski pants.


    1. Hi Catherine- thanks for all the info. I hadn’t seen that
      Burda collection, I will check it out. I have ordered a bunch of fabric swatches and I think what I am leaning towards is a supplex also.


  4. Thanks for the great idea. I think I am going to use your format to organize my focus for 2019. Will be following your blog to see how you are faring.


  5. OMG I love this is idea! It’s a great way to consider sustainability. And also it can be such a satisfying creative challenge. At the end of 2018, I made 3 wool and wax totes out of failed wool skirt pencil skirt projects. I have another failed skirt I’m turning into a making zine tote bag. It felt AMAZING to turn failures into successes and to salvage beautiful fabrics. I’m currently working on a refashion of two viscose ebony tunics / dresses. They’re the same fabric in different colors. I hated the fabric with the pattern – it was too clingy. So I’ve cut them to turn into a color-blocked wearable muslin of the new extended blackwood cardigan. I have a few other UFOS, fails, and old RTW garments to up-cycle / remake, too. I’m excited to see someone else also excited about remaking and I’ll follow along with enthusiasm!


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