An Elliot Sweater for Mom and New Labels


There is something I really love above the Elliot Sweater from Helen’s Closet- and I’m not the only one! I have sewn five Elliot sweaters since the pattern was released last fall,  I made three for myself and after my sister saw it, she requested one for Christmas. And then after my mom saw that, she requested one for her birthday. This is the most recent version, the one for my mom. Conveniently, my mom and my sister are the same size, just different heights, so I didn’t even have to print and tape a new pattern. I think all three of us love the modern, relaxed style and how cozy it is!


I have a few little niggles with the pattern that I haven’t worked out yet. I have had trouble inserting the neckband/turtleneck on every version I’ve made so far, but I haven’t seen anyone else complaining about that. Its reached the point where I am starting to feel like I might be interpreting the pattern markings wrong or something? All of my fabrics have had the appropriate stretch percentage, so I’m really not sure what is going on, but you can see my back seam on the turtleneck didn’t end up at center back at all and there is a bit of puckering! Hopefully it will be fine when worn.


I also think there is a bit of a fit issue through the shoulders and sleeves, at least on the versions I’ve made for myself. I’ve also noticed it in a few other versions made by others. But that hasn’t stopped me from wearing mine all the time! More on that once I get my versions photographed. This version for my mom is made in a lovely french terry from my local(ish) fabric store, Stitchology in Albuquerque.


I’m going to have to get my versions photographed and up on the blog soon, but you’ll just have to enjoy these for now because I also wanted to share the new labels I got from Dutch Label Shop. They reached out to me on Instagram and kindly offered to send me some for review. I’m very happy with them, especially for use on gifts. Though the seam on the turtleneck version of this pattern probably easily indicates which side is the back, it doesn’t hurt to have a label to personalize things. I just tacked it in, if it ends up being scratchy on my mom’s neck she can easily remove it.


I also ordered some care labels because I keep hearing that if you donate items without tags, they will just get trashed and never make it to the resale floor. I ordered these care labels and figured I could write the size on there with sharpie on any items I donate. I really need to go through a massive closet clean out, so these labels came at just the right time!


And to fully cover my bases, I went ahead and ordered some “brand” labels. I wish I had had these back in the fall when I did a craft fair, but I’m sure the need for them will arise again. I’ve had some requests for custom clothing, so these will be fun to use for that.


Overall I’m super happy with the service from Dutch Label Shop. The labels came super fast and they have lots of options on their “budget” line, which is what I used, though you can also upload an image and make some fully custom labels. I also though the prices were really reasonable! They have kindly offered my readers a discount, you can use thegreenviolet15 for 15% off your order.

These labels were provided free of charge by Dutch Label Shop, but all opinions are my own.

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