Cashmerette Pembroke


I made this Cashmerette Pembroke about a month ago and it has been worn at least once a week since, so I would say this pattern is a real winner! I’ve made one other version out of fleece for lounging, but I think I could use way more every day versions of this pattern. Its so easy to wear and I love the unfussy cut, its just like wearing a long t-shirt.


This is an 18 C/D bust, 20 waist, and 22 hips. I cut the length between the tunic and dress length. I wanted to be able  to wear it with leggings. I hemmed the sleeves instead of using a the cuff. I cut the high neckline then slightly modified it to be a bit more boat-neck shaped. This pattern is great for hacking and personalizing!


I having been trying to hack t-shirt patterns into a dress design like this for ages, without much luck! Its really hard to get a pattern like this to fit well when your body spans three sizes, like mine does. This pattern fits amazingly!! To have something fitted through the bust and shoulders but also have positive ease through the hips is amazing to me. I will be making so many more versions of this.


My only issue with this type of t-shirt dress is finding the right fabric, and I’m all ears if you have any suggestions. This is a liverpool knit from LA Finch Fabrics. If you haven’t used this particular type of fabric before, its nice in that it stands away from the body, but its polyester so it gets a bit static-y and I find it doesn’t keep me very warm on its own. It has a bit of a cool hand. Please let me know what your favorite fabric is for t-shirt dresses.


Just the Facts:

Pattern: Cashmerette Pembroke 

Current Measurements: Bust: 45″, Waist 41″, Hip 52″

Size: 18 C/D bust, 20 waist, and 22 hips

Fabric/Notions: liverpool knit from LA Finch Fabrics

This pattern was provided to me in exchange for my pattern testing services.

16 thoughts on “Cashmerette Pembroke

  1. Nice fit and nice outfit. First, I first go to Nordstroms online for ideas, they have a nice online plus department. Then I try to duplicate the look(s). I buy knit fabric from fabric-dot-com. I like them b/c they show the percent of stretch. I always buy fabric with some spandex in a medium to heavy weight. I pay about 17 dollars per yard (+ or -) these days. The fabrics are polyester + spandex OR polyester + spandex + bamboo or cotton. I do not like the sweater knits nor the thin jersey fabrics. For my “muslin” I buy less expensive knit fabric from the same store. I always choose even inexpensive knits with a small percent of spandex, though.


  2. Perfect fit! As far as fabric, my suggestion is something of a unicorn blend – I think the body of cotton plus the stretch of spandex and then a touch of something like rayon or modal for drape is the best for dresses like this … but it’s not so easy to find. I buy most of my fabric from FabricMart and they will sometimes get in something like this.


  3. Looks like a perfect fit! As far as suggestions for fabric, mine is something of a unicorn blend – I like a cotton/rayon/spandex, or something else with drape in the place of the rayon like viscose or bamboo or modal. I buy most of my fabric from FabricMart and they’ll sometimes get in blends like this.


    1. Thank you for all the info!! I do agree that something with cotton in it would help. And maybe I just need to make a slip to wear under this type of dress because the static drives me crazy!


      1. Take a softener sheet and wipe / brush it over the garment. No need to put it in dryer. The softener sheet is anti-static. Also brush over your leggings. Especially helpful in dry climates or buildings.


  4. Absolutely love your tunic! I bought this pattern but haven’t worked with it yet. I’m tempted to just start off with a version like yours! I have some houndstooth patterns heavy ponte knit that I might try. I think it will still drape nicely. I used a cotton/lycra blend for a Seamwork Piedra dress that I made and it might work for this style as well-substantial, but still skims the body. You’re an inspiration!
    p.s. I HATE static cling!!!!!


  5. I’ve been meaning to make a Pembroke since pretty much the day it was released and have some fairly stretchy houndstooth ponte put aside for it, too — what a weird coincidence @sewkris! — but haven’t yet gotten to it. But I’m inspired by that floral…so now I might change my mind! Hahaha. Looks great!


    1. Thank you!! Yes, I know I have ponte in the stash too, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. It comes in such a range of quality that I started staying away from it, but I think that I have at least two high quality pieces right now.


      1. Yeah, I’m hoping this is a good sort. I’m not buying ponte anymore (even the better stuff seems to pill when you breathe on it), but I didn’t want to waste my last bit of it — the print is so cute. 🙂


  6. This is a great tunic. I have a similar figure, so I thank you for trying this top for me! I’ll have to go pick up the pattern myself! I don’t care for polyester as the main component to fabric, so I stick with cotton or rayon with lycra. I have found some good stuff at purpleseamstressfabrics.com, which also has a facebook page with new fabric or small quantities. She has great service! Though a bit more pricey, there is also hartsfabrics.com


    1. Thank you! I do think that a beefy cotton/spandex would work well for this. Sometimes it would be nice to shop in person! I will definitely check out those two store, thanks!


  7. Thanks for such a detailed review of this pattern! I agree that trying to hack T-shirts into longer shapes can be tough. I think this sounds like a great pattern for a real curvy shape! Yay!


    1. Hi Sara! I think the Concord is much more close fitting than the pembroke, which seems to have more ease. I think I prefer the pembroke! You should be able to email Cashmerette for a more detailed fit analysis if you are trying to decide which is right for you.


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