Muna and Broad Torrens Box Top


I hope you all have heard, there is a new plus size pattern company on the market, Muna and Broad, and they are aiming to serve a very underserved market- their patterns go up to a 64″ bust and a 71″ hip! I also love that their aesthetic is a bit more modern than some of the other plus size pattern companies. Oversized designs that can be made in linen? Sign me up!


I couldn’t wait to try out their patterns, though I got delayed a bit by the Flat Pattern Drafting class I was taking last semester that took up way more of my time than I had anticipated (lots more about this on my instagram!). As soon as the semester was over, the first thing on my cutting table was the Torrens Box top.


I cut this in a size A graded to a size B at the hips. The pattern will be re-releasing tomorrow with more (smaller) sizes, but the sizing on what I sewed is going to remain the same. I’m not sure grading between sizes was strictly necessary, but I wanted to maintain that oversized feel through the hips without it also being too huge at the neckline, so I’m glad I did it.


Honestly there isn’t too much to say about this pattern because it is very quick and fun to sew and it fits great! Yay! I hadn’t tried this “box top” style before, but I’m really glad I have because I love it. It is going to be so great in linen and rayon in the summer, and it very fast to sew so I know I’m going to have a million more.


The neckline is finished with a facing and the sleeves are bands which attach in a clever way, you may learn a new construction method. I haven’t tried it yet, but the new pattern will be released with a longer sleeve, which makes this top even more versatile. I was a little worried about the high neckline, but I think it actually looks great. All the details and proportions on this top are beautiful for the plus size figure, which makes sense because it was designed specifically for us!


This fabric is from an Etsy source I learned about from Lara @ Thornberry, the store is called Notionally Better and the seller is based in Thailand. She has really beautiful stuff for a very reasonable price, IMO. I bought this fabric a few years ago but sat on it for a while because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. I think this is the perfect match! I will say that though this fabric is sold as 100% cotton, it is strangely staticky (as you can see in a few pics) and due to its handwoven nature, its a bit challenging to work with. However, for the fabulous print, it was totally worth it!


Just the Facts:

Pattern:  Muna and Broad Torrens Box top

Current Measurements: Bust: 47″, Waist 44″, Hip 56″

Size:  A graded to B at the hips

Fabric/Notions: Fabric from Notionally Better on Etsy, no notions required!

This pattern was provided to me in exchange for a review, and also because Leila of Muna and Broad is a badass sewing friend and pattern drafting mentor. My opinion is definitely biased, but I promise I wouldn’t lie to you, its a great pattern. 

5 thoughts on “Muna and Broad Torrens Box Top

  1. Great top, thank you for pointing out this company! You did well to grade between sizes, it always looks better even in very oversized garments. No point in looking loose in general, but merely adequate in one spot


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