Sewing for EveryBODY Retreat

Hi, Friends! I have SUCH exciting news to share with you today. Leila of Muna and Broad and I will be hosting a sewing retreat this summer in Santa Fe!

insta grid pics

This is something I’ve been dreaming of for a LONG time for a couple of reasons. I love my adopted home of New Mexico and I think everyone should get a chance to enjoy it at least once in their lifetime. A sewing retreat seems like the perfect excuse to visit someplace new! The location we have found is the quintessence of New Mexico charm and I can’t wait to spend a week there. And yes, there are peacocks.

Photo taken when I had family staying at the retreat location a couple of years ago. 

Secondly, a lot of the popular sewing retreats that have popped up recently have made no mention of inclusivity, especially in regards to size. In fact, most of the retreats offer pattern specific classes and most of those patterns do not go above a size 18 or so, which excludes probably half of the sewing population! No, thank you! Leila and I have designed a retreat that will welcome everyBODY and by drafting our own pants patterns, will we be designing for everyBODY as well!

My most recent pair of self drafted pants, I owe you all a blog post about my pattern drafting journey!

Of course, Leila will be the main instructor, as she has years of pattern drafting experience, though I am excited to help with the instruction after the year of pattern drafting courses that I am currently completing. I will also be handling the logistics and coordinating any sightseeing we want to do during the week. I’m very excited and I hope you will visit us at SewingforEveryBODY.com to check out all the retreat details! Please let me know if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “Sewing for EveryBODY Retreat

    1. Oh, no! Would have loved it if you had been able to come. By the way, I’m teaching a pants number 1 class I’m at hipstitchabq in May- I think you had asked me about pants? More info on that coming soon!


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