Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt

Hey, friends! I’m very excited to share my new Jade Skirt from Paprika Patterns, sewn in the newly released size range. Woo! I did receive an early copy of this pattern in exchange for photos that Paprika Patterns could share to show the pattern on different sizes. A full review was not expected, but I love this pattern and wanted to share!


Friends, this is a pattern I have had my eye on for ages. I can’t remember exactly when it was initially released, but I remember REALLY wanting to wear it, but not wanting to have to sort out how to grade up the intricate pleating pattern. It was back in the heyday of when I loved wearing shorter jersey skirts over leggings. I have sort of gone away from this style in the last year or two, but I’m excited to embrace it again because its so comfortable and, IMO, cute too!


So I’m very excited this pattern has gotten a major upgrade. Its now available up to a 48.5″ waist and 57.7″ hip, which is a size “13” on the Paprika Patterns size chart. I sewed this in a straight size 12 because the size 13 was added in the 11th hour, right before the pattern was released. I think the 13 would have been a more appropriate size for me with my currently 45″ waist and 57″ hip, but this is only slightly snug and I’m totally OK with the fit.


In fact, the only fit issue I have with this pattern is that it is slightly big at the back waist, which is a typical problem for me. The waistband is shaped, so that should give a good fit on a lot of bodies, but for me, I just need it to be a little more shaped at the top of the back waist. This isn’t surprising since my waist is smaller than the pattern is drafted for in the size 12 and I didn’t size down for the waistband. I really like the darts at the back hip, it helps a lot with fit!


Ok, I’m not going to lie, those pleats gave me a bit of a headache, more so than I was predicting, but now that I’ve done them once, I don’t think it will be too hard to do them again. I think they add such a fun twist to what would otherwise just be a very basic mini skirt!


I cut the pattern to be the longer version of the pattern, but due to poor pleating technique, it ended up somewhere in between the long version and the short version. I just shortened the lining and back pieces accordingly so I wouldn’t have to fuss with the pleats anymore. I would advise trying to find a jersey that you can make marks on with either chalk, frixion pen, or something that you will be able to remove later. Thorough making was essential for getting this done! It also helps to have a jersey that holds a press, though the pleats are tacked to a lining, so once you have them in place, they shouldn’t budge.


Speaking of the lining, this skirt is fully lined, and I think that makes it even more wearable. I have had a hard time finding fabrics that I am comfortable wearing on my bottom half in a garment that is tight like this, but the fact that it is lined opens up the possibility of using a lot more fabrics! This is a quite firm but thin ponte which I picked up from my local(ish) fabric store Stitchology a few years ago. Its been in the stash for a while so I’m glad I finally found a use for it!


With all the pleats and the lining, this skirt is a fabric hog. You could definitely use a different fabric for the lining, but I ended up using the same one. I think it’s hard to find two different knit fabric that pair well in a situation like this, if the lining isn’t firm enough, the pleats might end up saggy or the lining could end up hanging out.


Overall I’m super happy with this skirt and do think I’ll be making some more, maybe in a less firm/more casual looking fabric. Because the skirt is lined, I think I could use a fabric that is closer to the jersey end of the knit spectrum than the ponte is, and still end up with a super cute  (and not totally see- through) skirt! I might also use the lining pattern pieces to make a version that isn’t pleated.


Pattern: Jade Skirt from Paprika Patterns

Current Measurements: Bust: 47″, Waist 45″, Hip 57″

Size: straight size “12”

Fabric/Notions: Stitchology in Albuquerque

* I received a promotional copy of this pattern in exchange for photos that Paprika Patterns could share to show the pattern on different sizes. A full review was not expected, but I love this pattern and wanted to share!

3 thoughts on “Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt

  1. This skirt is really gorgeous, and those pleats look like they would give anyone a headache LOL! Still you did a wonderful job and I LOVE the pink top you paired with it 🙂


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