Plus Size Pattern Companies- 2020 Update

Hi, Friends! Long time no talk, but what can I say? 2020! Speaking of 2020, I’m way past overdue for an update to my post from nearly two years ago. I’ve compiled a new and improved list of pattern companies that have a hip size of at least 50″. There are now 54 pattern companies on the list, which I think is nearly double what is was the first time we had this discussion in 2019. The even better news is that in 2019, I had to set the standard for a “good” size range at a 50″ hip, but I’m happy to say that now over half of the patterns on my list go up to at least a 60″ hip.

On to the list, with a few user notes. More thoughts and Thank You’s below, but let’s get to the good stuff. For ease of reading, this list was broken into groups of 5″ increments. I will start with the best (i.e. largest) first. Each block is then sorted by size (smallest to largest) and then alphabetically. I really wanted to make this easy to read, use, and share so it could serve as a good resource. Disclaimer up front: There is no way I could have captured every pattern company. Sorry to those I missed. Except for the ones that I missed on purpose due to exhibiting fatphobic behavior on Instagram. No sorries for them.

Of course, it’s not all good news, the “Do I really have to include fat people in my patterns?” discussion keeps cropping up on Instagram every couple of months. And a 60″ hip still excludes a lot of people from the sewing community. Not to mention, most of these companies only have a limited selection in their new size range, though nearly all have promised to include their new size range in all releases going forward. We have a long ways to go, but process has surely been made.

In the interest of making this a helpful resource, I have compiled these two images which only include hip size, but should be a good size to grab a screenshot and keep on your phone for reference. Please feel free to share this!

Huge thanks to Alex @ADifferentStitch on Instagram for sharing her spreadsheet with me, she crowd sourced at least half this list, and the other half came from information I crowd sourced two years ago or are new companies that have popped up or come to my attention since then. Jess at Fat Sewing Club also published a list of resources today. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it yet because I had already spent ages formatting these tables and I didn’t want to edit them again, but I suggest you also check those out also! And of course, a huge thanks to everyone who sent me pattern recommendations two years ago and to the pattern companies who have been diligently working on increasing their size ranges over the last two years (you know who you are)!

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