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6 Month Sew-iversay!?! THE DRESSES

Hear ye!  Hear ye!Its my six month sew-iversay! Is that thing? I don't care! Champagne and cake all around! Basic Tank Dress V1 // Dixie DIY Ballet Dress V3Tiramisu V1 //  Stretch and Sew 305 V1 Above, you can see the stuff that has already been blogged (like software, the V's refer to the version number). Below,… Continue reading 6 Month Sew-iversay!?! THE DRESSES

Cake Patterns · knit dress · made by me · personal style · plus size sewing · sewing · Tiramisu Dress

Gray Patterned Tiramisu

Dress: Made by me, Tiramisu Dress by Cake PatternsSweater: AnthropologieLeggings: Sock DreamsBoots: VintageHere is another dress I finished before I decided to jump on the sewing blogger wagon. I can't remember the order in which some of these projects were finished, but I think I made it back in December, sometime before Christmas. And you… Continue reading Gray Patterned Tiramisu

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Happy New Years! And other things…

Dress: Made by meLeggings: Sock DreamsBoots: VintageSweater: Columbia SportswearSo, I've been meaning to get back into blogging for oh, I don't know, forever?? Yes, probably forever. At least approximately forever. This is mainly due to the fact that I have recently gotten into sewing in a BIG WAY. Like, probably a kind of embarrassing way.… Continue reading Happy New Years! And other things…