Here she is! My new Brother 1034d. I know how I’m going to spend the remainder of my weekend….
New brother 1034d
Any advice welcome!
On a less expensive note, here are this weekend’s thrift finds. Two sheets for muslins, a groovy (and possibly awful) 70s pattern, bemberg rayon in gray, tracing paper, and a couple of yards of blue fabric that I’m a little on the fence about. All for 10 bucks!
Thrift finds
In other news that is only exciting to me: summer holiday plans are solidified! 
Middle Fork of the Salmon
(photo borrowed from EchoTrips on flickr)
Heaven willing and the creek don’t rise (or fall), I’ll be spending a week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, alternating between lounging on a raft with a beer in my hand and trying not to die in the rapids. A friend of a relative of a friend somehow scored a much coveted (in the boating community) permit and I was lucky enough to get invited along. This is a once in a lifetime trip (though with any luck, I’ll be able to repeat the feat). Preparing gear sewing plans as we speak!
My Dad and me in Desolation Canyon on the Green River last summer, chillaxing on the raft under the umbrella.

6 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. About two hours in and so far so good! Only problem was the set up video didn't work on my old macbook. good thing someone put the instructions on you tube!


  2. You will love your Brother. I got a Janome last year. Check out the great videos on YouTube. And do lots of testing.
    I got a free instruction class from where I bought mine. It was great. I'm hoping to take some Craftsy classes to learn even more.
    Have fun!


  3. I have this exact same serger, and I love it! I've done a lot of testing and playing around with it, so if you have any questions, let me know! 🙂 It took me a looong time to get the tension settings right for the rolled hem, so I can tell you what I came up with for that if it's helpful.


  4. So exciting that you get to raft the Middle Fork! I did that trip a few years back and it really was a trip of a lifetime. Also, really enjoying your blog. 🙂


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