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Finished: Grainline Studio Scout Tee V 1.0

Clover and Scout Tee 2
Pants: Made by me (Colette Clovers)
Shirt: Made by me (Grainline Studio Scout Tee)
Shoes: Nine West Outlet
Here is is, my fist (and only finished- the second version has ended up in the unfinished object pile) Grainline Studio Scout Tee. I do believe this is the third patten that I tackled in my sewing adventure; the first being the Dixie DIY Ballet Dress and the second was the yet unblogged Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank. I can’t say enough good things about the patterns that Jennifer at Grainline Studio creates. Most include up to size 18 and her instructions have lots of pictures and details, perfect for beginners. Plus, all of her patterns are great MODERN basics, with an emphasis on the modern. Nothing frumpy or frilly over at Grainline, which is just what I like!
Scout Tee Back
Here is the embarrassing back view! I think the front view has tricked you into thinking this shirt fits me well, but alas, no. In the back, the fabric bunches up over my hips as soon as I move. I neglected to grade up this pattern even though my hip measurements are 5 inches larger than the size 18 that I cut. I’m not sure what I was thinking- chalk it up to beginners error!
Scout Tee Fabric
However, I love, love, love the fabric (super cheap from Fabulace on Etsy) and I always get compliments on the shirt when I wear it, as long as I am wearing a cardigan to cover up the backside! And yes, I do typically wear a tank top under this sheer fabric, don’t worry.
Scout Tee Sleeve
I think the little sleeves are just adorable in this fabric. This was my first time setting in sleeves in a woven fabric and I think it went alright, thanks to the pattern’s great directions. 
Scout Tee Inside
As you can see, I finished the neckline and sleeve seams with pre-bought bias binding, I knew there was no way I would be able to make bias tape out of this slippery chiffon! I’m still not really sure what the proper way to finish sleeve seam allowances might be, but this mostly works, though it is a little tight through the armpit now. The size seams are french seams and are holding up great, even with repeated machine washing (don’t tell, I’m sure I’m not supposed to machine wash something this delicate!). 
So…. back to the second version of this shirt, which is turning out to be a real wadder. In fact, its been on the floor of my spare room for at least two months! I attempted to grade the pattern up, but its looking awful! I’m not sure if its the cheap fabric I’m using or my grading skills, but it needs some serious help (and maybe a full bust adjustment, though I really don’t have a full bust for my size). Maybe it has metamorphosed into something beautiful during its time on the floor. Perhaps I’ll un-wad it and see how it looks. In the mean time, I’ll be studying Susan at Moonthirty’s beutifully fitting versions. I’ve got my fingers crossed that she’ll post some photos of her altered pattern so that I can copy study them. Oh, wait, she has already done that! Duh, guess I should have referred to this BEFORE cutting my fabric. Thanks, Susan! Perhaps it can be salvaged.  

6 thoughts on “Finished: Grainline Studio Scout Tee V 1.0

  1. Lovely top – very nicely finished. Have you tried splitting the sides and top stitching? When you sew with chiffon, have you tried the gelatin method? It really works.


  2. Oooh, I love that fabric print! This is one of my favorite and most oft-used patterns. You know, it looks like the fit is just right in the neck and shoulders, just like it was for me. If you do an even grading up, it might get too big there. I hesitate to actually recommend what I did for that “faux FBA,” but we have a similar shape and it just might work for you too. I would definitely see if just side seam alterations would do the trick, so you can keep those well-fitting parts! Oh, and you can use French seams on your armholes too… Jen has a tutorial here:


  3. Cool fabric! The more versions of this I see around the interwebs, the more I think I need to make it up. The idea of a woven tee is so versatile. Your binding looks nice, too. But now that you have that 1034d you won't have to worry about messing with binding anymore 😉


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