Grainline studio tiny pocket tank · made by me · plus size sewing · size 18

Finished: Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank V 1.0 (and bonus V 2.0)

Tiny Pocket Tank Brown Skirt
Sweater: Anthropologie
Shirt: made by me, pattern: Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank
Skirt: made by me, self drafted
Leggings: made by me, self drafted from Etsy tutorial
Boots: Vintage, Etsy
Whoa, this is a blast from the past. Don’t worry, we don’t have this much snow on the ground now!! I’m playing catch up here. This shirt was the second thing I made and now that I’ve blogged about it, I’ve covered the first, second, and third me-made items and the progression of things is a bit foggy after that so you can expect any sense of order to get thrown out the window!
Tiny Pocket Tank Front
Being the second thing I made, this one was fairly straightforward. Plus, I don’t really remember what happened! So just enjoy the photos…..
Tiny Pocket Tank back
I had this fabric in my stash for a while. I think I bought it in the clearance bin with the intent of recovering the throw pillows on my sofa, but never did it because it was really just too lightweight for pillows. That made it perfect for this shirt! It almost has a linen like texture and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the print. Seriously. Love. 
Tiny Pocket Tank pattern detail
I cut a size 18 on this one, and like the Scout Tee pattern, it was a little small through the hips. Thats ok, I still wear it all the time anyways. Because I love the print. Obviously. Next time I think I will grade it out a little through the hips and make it a tiny bit longer. This fabric tends to wrinkle up pretty badly while I wear it, causing it to get shorter throughout the day and causing me to have to iron it before I put it on in the morning. Ironing is really NOT one of my favorite morning activities. In my list of favorite morning activities, it falls significantly behind enjoying a shower, drinking tea, and sleeping an extra 5 minutes because I don’t have to iron.
Tiny Pocket Tank neckline
I botched the neckline a bit, I think I had seen too many Sorbetto’s with the visible bias binding and thought that was what I was aiming for even though the directions in pattern were very clear. The next time I used bias binding on a neckline I consulted Jen of Grainline Studio’s tutorial, and it went much more smoothly (though trust me, I’m still working on this technique). Speaking of the second time I made the Tiny Pocket Tank….
Here is an awful photo of the version I made for my sister for her birthday back in November. She swears that she loves it, but I haven’t seen her wear it yet. But maybe that’s because she lives in Florida. 
All in all, I count this pattern as  win and I see quite a few more in my future. I don’t wear a lot of things without sleeves (until it gets unbearably hot in the summer and I throw my sleeves required rule out the window), so I was skeptical about how much use this would get. As it turns out, its a FANTASTIC layering piece!

5 thoughts on “Finished: Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank V 1.0 (and bonus V 2.0)

  1. I love your fabrics! I want to secretly go into your stash and steal them all for me. And the outfit looks exactly like something I'd wear 🙂 I want to make leggings but haven't gotten around to it yet, they seem ridiculously easy to make especially since I have a serger.


  2. Thanks!! Oh yeah, leggings are awesome. When I make one of those Jalie skorts you have been showing off on your blog recently, I'm probably going to make one with full length leggings underneath for fall hiking.


  3. Great fabric! I can't believe I haven't made this pattern yet — that will definitely be corrected this spring! Very cute you-made outfit. 🙂


  4. Hi Megan,

    Your entire outfit is fantastic! I'm thankful that you linked to Grainline studio . I really love that top the choices are endless with it. Dressy, Dressed down, I really would love to do won in gingham for the summertime, if we ever see it again here in New England.

    Thanks so much again, as always you've done a beautiful job and looks really hip !


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