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Washi Dress V 1.0

I’ll interrupt this regularly scheduled sewiversary programming to bring you….
Washi Dress V1
my NEW WASHI DRESS (version 1)!!
Ok, lets be honest here. I was VERY reluctant to buy a PDF pattern for $16. I prefer the ones that cost $3- $8 dollars, with the Colette PDFs at the top (and well earned) end of the range at $14. This pattern first caught my eye because its very similar to a ready to wear dress that I own but don’t wear as frequently as I would like to because its just a tad bit too short. I resisted buying the pattern due to my deep seated cheapness thriftiness, but once it started warming up I totally caved and clicked the purchase button. 
Washi Dress V1 side
Did I have a little buyers remorse? Only until I made my first version! I LOVE the dress and its nice to be able to support an independent pattern maker. Made by Rae has patterns for different types of sleeves on her blog, plus this can be made sleeveless, in longer or shorter lengths, and the pattern included pieces for a different type of neckline. I know I will make several version of this pattern and probably one or two for my sister or friends, so I think I’ll get my money’s worth. Also, I made it out of three dollar sheet, so there is that! 
Washi Dress V1 back
Ooooooooooof cooooooourse, I made some changes. The pattern is sized from and XS- XXL (32- 44 inch bust), which I greatly appreciate! I love it when pattern companies accommodate a wide range of sizes (though, of course, this isn’t all-encompassing by any means). Though the bust measurements should have just barely fit, I was concerned the waist would be too small and I did want it to be a bit loose fitting, as inspired by my original ready to wear dress. So, I added .75 inches to the center front of the bodice and skirt pieces. I meant to add .75 inches to the center back but I forgot and it worked out just fine. I suspect that my back is smaller than my front, though I’m not sure how to figure that out. Sorry I’m standing to so wonky up there. 
Washi Dress V1 front detail
I love, love, love the cute little cap sleeves. I’m not a huge fan of going sleeveless, so these are the perfect compromise for those baking southwestern summers. I was a little hesitant about the pleats since I just don’t really have any clothes with pleats, but I really like them. On the inspiration dress, the skirt is gathered in both the front and back and I may try that on a future version. Also- POCKETS!! And the pockets are not a separate pattern piece, but rather are just included as part of the skirt pieces. This was SO MUCH easier than my last pocket making experience (the Tiramisu).
Washi Dress V1 fabric detail
For a sheet, I think this is some pretty awesome fabric. I actually bought it at a friend’s grandparents’ estate sale, so thats kind of awkward. But seriously, they had the BEST linens. And my friend appreciates a good upcycle so she isn’t offended by my usage of her grandparents sheets. Ok, this is getting a bit creepy… no?
Washi Dress V1 front inside
So yeah, the serger hasn’t gotten old yet. This dress finished up so quickly and nothing frays! Its practically a miracle! This was (I think) my first facing experience and I’m a bit on the fence about it. Obviously I could do some bias binding on the next version… something to consider. There was also this weird thing in the pattern where you cut out the darts before you sew them up. I was a bit confused at first, but it worked out pretty well. 
Washi Dress V1 back inside
Also, I kind of hate shirring, which is what this pattern calls for to give the dress some shape in the back. Its hard to do, I think it looks kind of cheap (don’t hate me!), and its fails pretty easily when the elastic thread inevitably snaps. Plus, the shirring goes pretty far up the back, which I didn’t think would look to good on me. I just did a simple piece of thin elastic stretched across the back using a zig zag stitch at the same latitude as the waist seam. I’m not 100% sold on this looking much better, but it does the job and was significantly easier and will hopefully last longer. 
So, thats my Washi story. I’ve already made another. Out of a sheet. I think this is the perfect pattern to showcase a bold print, and there is nothing quite as awesome as a bold print in the summer! Go forth and make one for yourself! And speaking of going forth and making stuff… can someone please chastise me for not even having ordered the patterns or fabric for the quick dry skort and possibly tops and sports bras I want to take on my big river trip that is LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AWAY? I seriously need to get on that. 

14 thoughts on “Washi Dress V 1.0

  1. Megan, your Washi is so pretty! An you made them from sheets – awesome. I keep reading about great makes out of sheets but I have never stumbled on any that were dress worthy. You, on the other hand clearly lucked out 🙂


  2. Love it! I've had my eye on this pattern for-EVER but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I can imagine that it's quite versatile though. I can never really decide if I love facings or hate them, either… depends on the way the wind's blowing. 😉 Oh and apparently this is one of our first disagreements LOL — I dig shirring! OTOH, I haven't had the elastic break in me yet, so ask me after that happens! Get thee to the pattern-&-fabric buying, missy!!


  3. This pattern has been on my wishlist for some time now… hehe.. it's super cute on you! What patterns are you using for the skort and sports bra? Is it Jalie? I need more sportswear patterns. 🙂


  4. Yeah, i don't have a whole lot of luck finding good sheets at the thrift stores- but i did luck out at this estate sale! I've got a few more sheets in the stash waiting to make their appearance.


  5. Yeah, I have the Jalie skort in mind. I have one sports bra/ tank pattern from the McCalls 4261 patterns, but i might be tempted to order some other options from Jalie while I have the credit card out…


  6. Hehe! I say buy the pattern. Look, I totally tested it out for you! And I won't even judge if you use shirring. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing how it looks just in case I decide to stop being to lazy to shirr things.


  7. I've been eyeing of this pattern for quite some time now and seeing your version is making me trigger happy to want to go and purchase it now as well. Yours looks great on you and I love the fabric!


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