Washi Dress V2.0 and Me-Made-May Pledge

So nice, I made it twice! Back to back. No waiting!!
Washi Dress V2
So yeah, I was wearing the crap out of Washi V1.0. And lets just say I live in a very small town where my work circle and my social circle are pretty much just one big circle, which also overlaps with my errand running circle and my dog walking circle. After I’d worn Washi V1.0 for  the entire week following its creation, I figured I had better make version 2 the next weekend, so as not to run the risk of being that girl with only one outfit. 
Washi Dress V2 side
I love this dress at least as much, if not more. Its made from another estate sale acquisition. I’m not sure what this piece of fabric was originally used for, but it had a big wax stain on it so I’m thinking tablecloth?
Washi Dress V2 front
So, you guys caught me. Totally haven’t hemmed it yet though I did wear it once already. I MUST hem it because I want to take it on my trip this weekend and its already started fraying a little. The pressure is on! 
Washi Dress V2 side detail
I made the same modifications to the back that I made in version 1 but I was sure to stretch the elastic a little more tightly across the back because it was a little loose on the first version. I removed the 1 inch that I added to the center front of the bodice since this fabric is a little spongy and has some mechanical stretch. 
Washi Dress V2 back
This fabric was pretty much a cranky little bitch to work with. Or maybe that its just that I was too lazy to iron it before cutting. But I was scared ironing would affect the natural texture of the fabric and plus I don’t have an ironing board so ironing a huge piece of fabric is SO HARD. Obviously this is an easily fixable problem, but I’m just not sure where I would put an ironing board in my 800 square foot house. Speaking of… home upgrade with room for sewing is forthcoming (fingers crossed). ANYWAYS, the neckline ended up slightly wonky so I topstitched down the facing to try to stabilize things. 
Washi Dress V2 bodice detail
So… I’ve been considering Me-Made-May. Obviously I’ve made a lot of stuff to wear. The Six Month Sew-iversary posts have already covered all the visible clothing I’ve made (the only stuff that hasn’t been photographed is PJs, slips, and stuff for other people). That means I have a total of 26 wearable garments, plus the 2 washi dresses, 1 maxi dress, and 1 t-shirt I have made during April.

To the uneducated eye, I’ve made some pretty practical and easy to wear stuff. However, turns out I’m a geologist and am bound to a pretty specific safety-related dress codes at work- or at least the 50% of the time that I’m working outside and not in the office. I’m required to wear long pants, shirts with sleeves, and “sturdy work shoes”. On top of the requirements, we sometimes get pretty dirty and have to deal with very variable weather conditions on a daily basis, which also affects how I dress. So, in reality, most of what I’ve made is not all that practical for about half of my life, between the 50% of my work that time I spend outside (its going to be more like 100% for the month of May- I have very little control over my work schedule) and the 50% of my non-work fun-times that I also spend outside hiking or rafting (especially during May!).  Plus, I’m going to Florida next weekend, will have two house guests for a week, and am probably going camping in Colorado the last weekend of May. So yeah, I’ve been conflicted about my Me-Made May contribution… both because of the logistical challenges but because I also really wanted to participate! Its something I’ve been looking forward to since before I started sewing and watching some of my favorite bloggers participate was one of the things that inspired me to get sewing to begin with!

So… without further ado…

‘I, Megan of The Green Violet, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear AT LEAST two me made items each week for the duration of May 2013. I also resolve to make two items that will accommodate my dress code at work and outdoor hobbies (hiking/ rafting) so that I will be able to wear more than two items a week by the end of the month.’ 

11 thoughts on “Washi Dress V2.0 and Me-Made-May Pledge

  1. You came up with the perfect pledge for your crazy and exciting May. Have fun in Florida, and hiking and rafting, etc etc. I'm loving Washi 2.0. Beautiful colors and print, and beautiful on you.
    Happy MMM!


  2. It sounds like your pledge is spot-on for your lifestyle… And hey, it'll give you the opportunity to exceed it next year! 😉 And that's it, this pattern is getting bought, stat. Love this version!


  3. Love your dress! I've been on the fence about MMM, too. Glad you're joining in… Hehe. I think I'm probably going to pass this time and watch everyone from the sidelines. 🙂


  4. These Washi dresses are fantastic! I spotted the other one you made on Pattern Review while just randomly browsing… the fabrics are great! The pattern price is steep for me, but what a nice everyday dress for me. I could really wear them a lot I bet.

    And as for practical sewing… I am a big advocate of “practical” sewing. I just can't make a fancy evening gown or what not every month, it's pointless except to have a pretty closet and maybe a very well read blog full of fancy dress photos (and an empty wallet after buying all that fancy fabric). “Practical sewing” is what I get most excited about because I can wear it all the time and not wait for an annual special occasion. Make more “practical” stuff for work and what not! I'd totally geek out reading about it 🙂 And where are your Jalie skorts? I'm working on a bathing suit right now with a skirt to cover my bum on the beach.


  5. A bathing suit!! I had dreams of making one before my trip to FL but I'm glad i didn't attempt it, rushed sewing never works out! I'm definitely going to work on my practical sewing- I've got my t-shirt pattern locked in and i'm going to crank out a few of those. Then I have to get up the nerve to tackle some work pants. I've got the Jalie pattern on order so I'm hoping its here when I get back from vacation. Now i've just got to figure out the fabric situation…


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