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Me-Made-May Outfit 1

Clover Pants V 1.0, Alabama Chanin + Blank Canvas Tee Tunic
I wanted to kick off Me-Made-May with a bang, but once again I had to deal with safety related dress code requirements at work. I spent the morning in a laboratory- long pants and closed toed shoes were mandatory. Clovers to the rescue! I spent the afternoon in my lovely cubicle not being very productive since I go on vacation tomorrow and was getting antsy, so instead I attempted to take a self timed photo with my iPhone. I think you can see how well that worked out above! I’ve provided with you with something pretty below to make up for it. 
So, that was my day of me-made wearing while learning how to detect high explosives in groundwater, walking the dog, and packing!

6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Outfit 1

  1. I know what you mean about having to wear long pants/ closed toed shoes to work (for me it's when I work in the lab). Where is that pretty landscape? Hope you have a great vacation!!!


  2. Have an awesome vacation Megan! You just sent me down a rabbit hole looking for timed photo apps — my husband is on a business trip the next few days so I've got to figure out something for my MMM shots! 😀 Which app do you use and do you like it?


  3. The app I have is just.self timer. It works ok, the hardest part is getting the phone propped somewhere. It does a timer on either the front or back camera, which is nice.


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