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Me-Made-May Outfit 7

 Dress: Dixie DIY Ballet Dress V3
Leggings: Self drafted from Etsy tutorial, unblogged
Well, its back to the grind around here, my glamorous life of sipping champagne wearing a raincoat on the beach is over. On the 7th and 8th I was doing field work and wearing boring clothes, but on the 9th I had a little break and got to work in the office. Yay for wearing fun clothes! Except, the thing is, I think I kind of hate this dress. Or, at the least, I like it less and less each time I wear it. Its too short and it is SO not flattering. It might be time to let it go- or at least turn it into a skirt. What do ya’ll think? In other news, my garden is growing VERY slowly. (Fingers crossed) I’m buying a house at the end of the month (holy shit, ya’ll), so I’m trying to keep most things in pots until then.

4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Outfit 7

  1. I think your dress looks fine with the leggings. It would be too short without but the leggings give it “manners”.

    Good luck with your garden and house buying.


  2. I totally love that dress — isn't it funny how our opinions of our makes can be so totally NOT aligned with other peoples' opinions of our makes? I just went back and looked at your blog post about it to see more pics. To me, that is a long tunic length, totally not a dress length (but no judgement here!). Maybe if you shortened it a couple/few inches? Or just hack it up into a skirt. Whatever makes you love it! One thing this past few days has taught me — compliments from others are sooo nice, but if I don't like a garment, unfortunately I still won't like it! 😀


  3. Hi. Just letting you know I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Some people love awards, some people don’t. Please don’t feel any pressure to participate. It is entirely up to you. Just my way of letting you know I enjoy your blog.


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