Me Made May 2013

Me-Made-May Outfit 7

Shirt: Staple Dress T-shirt, just finished and unblogged
Skirt: Self Drafted Short Skirt V2
As soon as I got back from vacation, I had a joyful reunion with my sewing machine and cranked this top out after work on Wednesday and Thursday. It was kind of a botched job, the fabric piece wasn’t nearly large enough and was printed all of grain and wasn’t square at all. I think it turned out OK, considering, but I thats probably just because I really love the color of the stripes! 
So, the theme for MMM on Friday was sharing photos of where you sew. So here it is, my sewing house spaces. 
Welcome to my sewing house!
Here is where I cut my fabric on my sewing coffee table.
Here is where I store (about a third) of my sewing supplies.
And here is my sewing dining room. Have I mentioned that my house is about 900 square feet?
This is my guest room turned pattern storage area. What you can’t see is the desk 🙂
My photo studio/ place where a hot tub should be but sadly isn’t. 
And finally, my ironing board kitchen counter!
As I think you can tell, my house has become one big sewing space. I have house guests coming into town tonight and I have been cleaning like a crazy person. There isn’t room in this house for three people and all my sewing crap! Otherwise, my weekend has been absolutely lovely and full of very unexpected surprises, and I hope yours was too!

4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Outfit 7

  1. How wonderful! I love seeing where others sew, it's so interesting. Everyone's space is entirely different! Are you planning a dedicated area in the place you're buying? Oh, and I love the colors of those stripes too!


  2. Seeing your sewing space sure made me laugh, 'cause that's sort of what I do. Never thought to use the kitchen counter, but I'm totally doing that next time instead of the kitchen table– much better height. LOL


  3. I love the top! Sorry it wasn't as fun to sew… but the stripes and colors are fabulous! Hehe… I also love that you have a sewing house! I'm also all over our house, too, even though I TRY to contain it to one room. 🙂


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