Me Made May 2014, 33.333% done!

 Well, I thought I would do a week 1 round up. Then I thought I would do a 7 days in round up. But here we are on the 13th, so I figured I would do a 1/3 of the way done, 33.3333% finished, or (in other words)10 day round up of Me Made May! We’ve already seen Day 1, so onwards……..
Day 2
#mmmay14 #memademay day 2! Very hacked #dixiediy ballet dress and self drafted leggings. Scarf from recent trip to ecuador!
This is my very hacked dixie diy ballet dress and self drafted leggings (again). Scarf from recent trip to ecuador! The dress is made of a thrifted light-weight sweater knit. I modified the dixie diy ballet dress pattern to make a faux wrap bodice and added a band at the waist for extra length. Its a little too short (especially without leggings), but what are you going to do when you are working with a limited quantity of thrifted fabric?!?
#mmmay14 #memademay day 3. Sorry for the rapid decline in photo quality! Me made leggings, skirt, and tank top.
Ughh, awful picture. Saturday was crazy and I only managed to squeeze in a photo between a maragarita party at my boss’s house and loading up the car to go rafting the next day. This shirt is actually made from the same fabric as the moneta that I wore on Day 6 and I am so pleased that I was able to squeeze a tank top and a dress out of 3 yards. Once again, I’m wearing my favorite black self drafted skirt and leggings combo. Best substitute for jeans ever!
#mmmay14 #memademay day 4! Me made may, #rafting edition. Me made skort and tank top. #chamariver
Rafting! Yay! I think one of the biggest wins of learning to sew was my ability to make some cute AND functional clothing for outdoor adventuring. I am out of the size range for a lot of the outdoors brands (which is a whole other rant that I won’t subject you to), so it is SO liberating to be able to make what I want! The skort is Jalie 2796 with my self drafted knit skirt instead of the one that was included. The tank top is from a rub off of a Comfy brand shirt that I love, made out of a bathing suit material. This shirt is AWESOME for drying quickly and looking passably like I’m not wearing work-out clothing everywhere. I wore the crap out of it in Ecuador last month. 
#mmmay14 #memademay day 5! Wearing my me made top from the staple dress pattern. The fit was awful on me at first (kimono sleeves are the bane of my existence), but I fixed it up with some aggressive yoke formation and gathering :) UMMMM yeah, and excuse
Oh look, I’m an idiot! The photo says day 6 but it was actually day 5. Guys, this is one of a my favorite shits EVER. I wear it at least once a week. Expect to see more of it. Its a heavily modified version of the staple dress because the fit on the original version of the pattern was ATROCIOUS on me. I have major kimono sleeve pattern problems. 
#mmmay14 #memademay day 6! Wearing my new #colettepatterns #moneta ! So excited, love this dress! Excuse the awkward angle selfie.
Ok, actually day 6. My new Moneta. I seriously love this pattern. This is the dress pattern that I have been trying to find since I started sewing. As much as I love the lady skater/ dixie diy ballet dress, there was something I didn’t quite like with each of them. THIS is the pattern I have been looking for. 
#mmmay14 #memademay day 7! Me made Washi dress and leggings. Can you tell it's windy in New Mexico? #washidress
Day 7. My favorite Washi, one year later and still going strong. Actually, I don’t know if this is my favorite Washi, I love them both equally and I can’t choose a winner! Must make more Washis! Also, me-made leggings (again). 
#mmmay14 #memademay day 8! Me made dress (hacked/self drafted) and leggings. Apparently this is the week of crazy patterned dresses! Should be one more for tomorrow...
Yes, this was the week of crazy dresses. I love crazy dresses! This was hacked from a basic tank top pattern from the big 4 (?) and my self drafted knit skirt pattern with darts added at the waist. Love this dress, but I seriously need to hem it before I wear it again. Yep, leggings (again). 
#mmmay14 #memademay day 9! New @colettepatterns #moneta . Two this week! Also me made leggings and my favorite cowboy boots.
OMG! Another Moneta! And more leggings! Are you shocked? Don’t worry, I wore the brown leggings this day for fear that you all think I’m super gross. Prepare to see this Moneta a LOT more. 
#mmmay14 #memademay day 10! Me made t-shirt for house chores, garage saleing, furniture makeovering, and new washer and dryer installation. I need to make more of these t-shirts, they are just so boring to sew!
Is that a caulk gun or are you just happy to see me? Me made T-shirt from a big 4 pattern. I really like this tshirt and I need to make more! 
Well, thats it for now, folks! If you feel the need to see more gratuitous selfies, step on over to my flickr
Lessons learned? I like leggings and gray sweaters. Will wear black or white sweaters if I think someone is paying attention to the repetitiveness of my outfits. Must make more Monetas.

6 thoughts on “Me Made May 2014, 33.333% done!

  1. As I've said before, I love your style! I feel like I've mumbled the “mustmakemoreofthis” mantra several dozen times this month too. And I do actually have the washi dress pattern now… Might need to incorporate that into memakingmay. OH! I need to get that box of yours in the mail… A friend who was over this weekend already nabbed one of the pieces I had in there, HA! But I'll replace it with something equally awesome… 😉


  2. OMG, susan. you are awesome! I'm wearing another washi today but I really need to use up some of the wovens in my stash! Want to do a washi sew a long?


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