Finished: The Summer Concert Tee Duo

Look, y’all! A finished item post! I made two of these Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tees during Me-Made-May, and also three Colette Patterns’ Monetas which will hopefully be coming to you in a post soon (as well as a wrap up of MMM). I wanted to get this post up now so that I could take part in the wonderfully inspirational Sewing Indie Month and, more specifically, the Everyday Casual Contest hosted by the fabulous Jenny of Cashmerette. But enough chit-chat, you came here for the photos, right?
I made my first version of this pattern from a fortuitous fabric find at a garage sale earlier in the month. Its an amazing vintage fan print, and I knew it would be perfect for this pattern! In fact, I had been waffling on buying this pattern for over a year, but when I found this fabric I went home and purchased it immediately! I’m glad to see that polyester is getting some slightly better press in the sewing blogosphere recently, as I have always been a fan (no pun intended). No sweat stains and it dries quickly (TMI?), what more could a girl ask for in a summer shirt?
For this first version, I graded the largest size (XL) up to what I would guess would be a 2XL. I was worried about the limited stretch in the vintage fabric and it worked out great, but I ended up just using the straight XL size for the second version because the fabric had much more stretch and drape. 
I also lengthened the pattern about 2 inches since I couldn’t see myself rocking the crop top look! I think this length is just great with skirts. 
Pattern close-up! I also lengthened the whole thing about 2 inches, I couldn’t really see myself rocking the crop top!
I finished the neckline by folding it over and using the double needle, a technique that I have practically mastered in the last month with all the knits I’ve been sewing! I just thought that the binding would look really busy with this fabric.
I also omitted the cuffs on the sleeves, I think they look super cute on the other versions I have seen (including Dixie’s original), but I tried the top on after sewing it together but before adding the cuffs, and I liked it that way and thought the sleeves would be too long with cuffs.
On to the second version! This guy is made of a much more drapey rayon-blend knit. Like I mentioned above, I used the straight XL size on this (though I don’t meet the size chart requirements). I feel like it is a really good balance of fitted though the bust and flowy at the bottom, just like I like it!
I didn’t realize how similar these two prints look from afar until I took these photos! They are so different up close!
I had very limited yardage of the floral print (one 3/4 yard piece and one 3/8 yard piece, which both shrank in the wash a lot), so I had to get creative with the color blocking. Good thing I had some black left over from my favorite leggings. Its always wise to keep a black knit in stock in the stash!
 I also added about an inch to the front pattern piece so that I could wear it with jeans without having to layer it. I didn’t hem because I wanted to maintain the length, I kinda like the look of a rayon knit that is un-hemmed (it rolls the best of all the knits), and I’m lazy!
I wore it the first time without the pocket, but I decided that the color blocking on the back looked kinda out of place and didn’t tie in with the front well. So, I added a little black pocket! I think its pretty cute.
Well, thats my Concert Tee story, and trust me its just the beginning! I’m thinking of being rebellious and attempting this in a lightweight woven…like chiffon…mmm… 
Go forth and make one for yourself, its going to be PERFECT for the summer! I promise!

12 thoughts on “Finished: The Summer Concert Tee Duo

  1. These are great! Love the colour blocking an those print are so summery. I've heard such good things about this pattern and I so happen to have received (via Mr. Stitch's recent return home from the U.S.) a couple of lovely Girl Charlee prints so once the sewing room is set up I may just have to give this a go. These shirts look great on you!


  2. Your tops are gorgeous, that fan print is adorable!. I really like what you've done with the rayon knit though, the colour blocking on the back and the front pocket detail are very clever, its a great looking top.


  3. I love your instagram feed – I was so happy to stumble across your blog! I love these tops on you! Like Jenny – I wasn't really sure about the flowy tee – but girlfriend you are rocking it!! You look amazing. Loved reading through and catching up with your last year. g


  4. Thanks, beaJay! I think i have been inspired by your dedication to TNT patterns, I have already made up three of these and have a few more planned!


  5. Thanks, lady! I'm enjoying your instagram feed too. I just got into it and for a lazy blogger like me, instragam is a god-send for still being able to connect with other seamstresses!


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