Me-Made-May Reflections

Whats the take-home message from Me Made Ma2014? KNITS KNITS KNITS. I’ve been sewing knits since I started sewing 1.5 years ago, and I have no intention of stopping. Its what I like to wear and the main reason I started sewing. The really nice thing is that the blogosphere seems to have caught the knit craze, so I have a lot more patterns and inspiration to work with than I did a year and half ago. In fact, I made up six SEVEN EIGHT new knit items during MMM! Shit, ya’ll. I can’t count.
#memademay #memademay14 Starting off right, 100% made by me!
New SBCC 314 for the first day of MMM (so I guess I technically made it the last day of April)

#mmmay14 #memademay day 6! Wearing my new #colettepatterns #moneta ! So excited, love this dress! Excuse the awkward angle selfie.
Moneta V1 (which shortened horribly in the first washing even though I pre-washed. ugh)

#mmmay14 #memademay day 9! New @colettepatterns #moneta . Two this week! Also me made leggings and my favorite cowboy boots.
Moneta V2, still rocking on

##mmm14 #memademay day 18! You can see evidence of my weekend of yard work in the background, but I did manage to whip up a quick shirt so that I could put on something clean to run some errands.
Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee V1 (wearing it as we speak/type/read…whatever)

#mmm14 #memademay day 21! I whipped up this self drafted knit skirt last night, all else rtw.
A self drafted pencil skirt

#mmm14 #memademay day 23 it's raining here (thankgod!) so you will have to settle for an awkward bathroom selfie. Me made sweater, dress rtw. Turn out I haven't made an solid colored dresses that look ok with this sweater, must remedy soon!
A cardigan hacked from a T-shirt pattern

#mmmay14 #memademay day 28. 100% made by me! I made this @dixiediy summer concert tee last night, it's such an easy make! I had to do some creative color blocking on the back since I was working with very limited yardage of the floral fabric (a 3/4 yard a
Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee V2

#mmmay14 #memademay day 30!  Y'all, I swear I thought there were 31 days in May, but apparently not. Which works out perfectly because I wore my new @colettepatterns #moneta that I whipped up last night (after the gardening). It's my third one! I'll be sa
And finally… Moneta V3

In other news, I should probably sew some cardigans. I had one me-made cardigan prior to the start of MMMay and sewed up 2 more during the month. However, I fell under the alluring spell of ALL THE PRINTS so those two cardigans ended up being not-that-practical. When I am not in crazed-sewing mode (happens occasionally due to inspiration overload), I try to sew dresses and tops in prints, all else in solids (and typically neutrals) so that things can be mixed and matched. I wore a non-me-made gray cardigan 11 days during me-made-made, so clearly this is a gap in my me-made wardrobe! I could also use a few me-made black and white cardis. And maaaaaaaaaaaybe a solid dress or two so that I have something to wear with the printed cardigans.  
RTW cardigans in need of copying!

In general, MMM showed me that I don’t really NEED many more clothes. I have a lot of stuff that I didn’t wear during MMM2014 (see MMM2013 posts for evidence) and the act of taking a photo of my clothing every day forced me to realize that I am pretty lazy dresser (see: KNITS KNITS KNITS). A few tops that go with jeans, some easy to wear dresses, leggings, and cardigans pretty much get me through the week. I think that having about 2 weeks worth of outfits to rotate through, with some special occasion stuff and some active wear would greatly simply and improve my life. Right now, my three closets closet is seriously OOCT (out of control) because I haven’t yet purged the RTW clothing that I no longer wear. This is on my agenda for the weekend. Are there any great closet organizers out there that want to lend some advice? This is my most dreaded task.

I’ve also given some thought to things I DON’T want to sew (for now). I’ve finally found some RTW jeans that fit decently well, so I’ve put sewing jeans on the back-burner for the time being. I used to HAVE to wear pants to work, but recent change in positions means I can basically wear whatever I feel like wearing (which is AMAZING!!!). Bras? Someday, but for now RTW will be fine. Anything structured/fitted? I have never worn that kind of stuff, so why sew it? I would like to do a few projects to expand my sewing skills, but the thought of sewing something I won’t wear just for the sake of it isn’t appealing to me right now.

So, what am I planning to sew (was all this anti-sewing talk worrying you?)? I’ve got a few things up my sleeve…

Finally finished up my #slowsewing project, it took almost a week, I was getting antsy! I'm totally an instant gratification sewer, but I think the slow sewing payed off here. I love the result an I even took good notes and made pattern pieces so that I c
I’m working on perfecting this kinda self -drafted/cobbled-together dress pattern so I can make a few more out of linen this summer.

OMG! #makingshoes is about to happen!
SHOES are totally still happening, people. Anyone want to jump on the shoe making bandwagon with me?

4 rows down, don't even want to know how many to go on my #myrna sweater! #knitting
Knitting! Yep, I’ma kinda scared, but hopefully I can figure this sweater out with enough googling (the Myrna from Andi Satterlund, any tips?)

And, as always, I could use more active wear!

‘I, Megan @ TheGreenViolet.blogspot.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear one Me-Made item each day for the duration of May 2014. Additionally, I will strive to create some more field-work-appropriate garments. ‘

So, MMM14? Mission (mostly) accomplished! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the second half of my pledge, which I totally didn’t accomplish, but with GOOD reason. Around the 1st of May I received the exciting news that some of my work responsibilities would change due to a colleague’s retirement (I only wish I could call this a promotion- more work but same title and same pay). I am doing almost no field work now (I haven’t done any since the start of May) and am officially in charge of all GIS/graphics needs for our small office. It has been SO nice to have the change of pace and the change of outfits. No more pants required!


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