Me-Made-May ’15

Shit, ya’ll. I’m back (?) ! I’ve dusted off the ‘ol blog, (probably) blocked all the flickr creepers, might at some point review my comments for spam, and I have a brand new (as of like 9 months ago) laptop. And, just in time for Me-Made-May ’15. That fun time of year that everyone loves to hate. In fact, I’m doing y’all a favor by posting this on May 1st, now you can go ahead and start drinking according to the SSSF drinking game! Its Friday and I’m sure I’m you’re looking for any excuse to start drinking early. You’re welcome.
My fave 100% me-made outfit of all time: Moneta, Copellia Cardi, leggings. Horrible photo though.

Yep, finally made an Anna or 2
Don’t worry, it didn’t escape my notice that I forgot to blog for the last 11 months. To be honest, I’ve just decided that I’m not going to use my free time to do anything I’m not super excited about doing, so I’ve obviously been doing a lot of super exciting things like sewing, watching too much netflix, drinking, neglecting my bills, and talking to my dog. I’ve really been enjoying instagram since I got started on it during the last MMM, but I’m feeling a little blogging urge again, so let’s see where this goes. 
So here we are for MMM:
I, Megan of various places on the interwebz entitled The Green Violet, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I will endeavour to wear at least one me-made item every day of May with two days comprised of entirely me-made outfits (underthings included). 
Hacked from the moneta, need to make more.
Papercut patterns Clover dress, love this pattern. Almost as much as ya’ll are loving my bathroom selfies, i’m sure.
Most likely things will go up on instagram, they might show up here at some point too. Other May goals include making more panties, resurrecting the abandoned bathing suit project (the bombshell was just UN-fixable), making more cardigans/layering pieces, a lightweight robe to wear for those three weeks in July when I curse the fact that air conditioning doesn’t exist in New Mexico, and hopefully tackling some new patterns since I’ve been in a major sew-the-same-thing-over-and-over rut. But these aren’t hard and fast rules, we will see how they go. 
Can’t believe this is going on the interwebz. 
 In other news, enjoy the random instagram shots of a very few of the probably 100 many things that I made over the last year.
Highlights include:
I’ve gotten VERY into lingerie sewing. Turns out the me-made stuff is better than the RTW.
I still haven’t made made any pants that I actually want to wear. Not sure if I intend to. 
As of yesterday, I’m the proud owner of a sewing machine that can actually sew a straight line. Now I understand why everyone says that bias tape isn’t that hard to sew. 
I still love knits. Yep. 
I finally sucked it up and payed someone to cut my hair, so you can expect something slightly better than in these photos. Jeez, embarassing.
Yeah, the new one is in the front. And it sews straight lines, ya’ll!
That’s all for now, folks!

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