A Halloween ESP Dress from Decades of Style


Happy Halloween! Here is my first E.S.P. dress from Decades of Style, which is a truly adorable pattern that is great for novelty prints. I’ll apologize in advance because this post is going to be short on facts, so please just enjoy the photos. I sewed this dress for Halloween last year and I didn’t take any notes but I know I made some alterations. So I’m going off my traced pattern pieces, which for some reason I re-traced after making my alterations (which I literally have never done before or after this). So here is my best guess at what happened!


Last year, inspiration stuck to make a Halloween themed dress  and thus save myself from coming up with a clever costume. Plus, I figured it would be good for years to come, which has proven true so far. I wore this to Wicked last Sunday and felt very on theme (hence the red boots, the closet thing I have to ruby slippers).


After an emergency fabric purchase from Amazon (which was also a first for me), I think I had about 1.5 days to sew this before a Halloween Party. Picking this pattern was an easy choice since it was already in my stash because I had seen so many cute versions made by Tanya and Gaylen at gMarie. Fortunately, I had already traced most of the pattern pieces since it had been in my queue forever.


I do remember that I followed this tutorial by Gaylen on how to lower the neckline. I also remember that I shortened the bodice because I am quite short waisted and it looked like it was going to be fairly long. I suspect I did the shortening above the bust because the darts are sitting high, which is a rarity for me. I might need to fix that on my next version.


After that, I put the pedal to the metal, sew to speak, and cranked the dress out in a Saturday morning and afternoon. You all know that I don’t typically sew wovens, so that speaks highly about the pattern directions. I remember that I really appreciated the attention to detail and the great diagrams in this pattern, it would be great for a beginner.


I can see from my traced pattern pieces that I cut a size 44 at the bust and a size 46 at the waist, which correlated exactly with my measurements at the time if I recall correctly. I am modeling it here about 1-2″ larger in my measurements and it still fits well. After nearly completing the garment, forensic evidence (i.e. looking at finished dress) indicates that I took it in an inch (1/4″ at each side seam) through the bust and waist to tighten it up a bit. I also think I shortened the skirt quite a bit.


Well, thats all I remember about this project, but I do know that it sure is fun to wear! When I first started sewing I was drawn to this fit and flare style and novelty prints, as many of us were, but as I have matured in my sewing practice I’ve come to realize that its not really my style, at least not for everyday. However, it sure is fun to have one pattern in my wheelhouse for when I need something kitchy and fun, especially for a holiday like Halloween!


Just the Facts:

Pattern: E.S.P. dress from Decades of Style

Current Measurements: Bust: 45″, Waist 42″, Hip 52″

Size: 44 bust, 46 waist, taken in 1/4″ along each side seam after construction removing 1″ total through the bust and waist. Bodice was shortened.

Fabric/Notions:Cotton and Steel “Boo” Hallow Lane Blue Pearlescent



3 thoughts on “A Halloween ESP Dress from Decades of Style

  1. Isn’t it fun to try and piece together a blog post when it’s been awhile and you didn’t keep notes? Lol. I’ve done this so many times. Your dress looks great, and I love the fabric!


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