Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan


Hi, friends! I’m here today to share another very old project with you, this Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan! However, unlike my last post about my Halloween Dress, this is a project that I wear at least once a week, if not more. It has become my go-to cardigan for nearly every occasion!


I drug my heels on purchasing this pattern because I am out of the size range and I am REALLY trying to not support pattern designers that don’t include me in their sizing, but after seeing so many fabulous versions, I finally broke down and purchased it. And to be honest, my bust fits in the size range and my hips are only 1″-3″ out of the range (depending on the day/month/year), so it wasn’t a huge compromise. Instagram informed me this was in February of last year.


I cut an XL in the bust. My bust typically measures about 45″; the XL is for 42″-44″ and the XXL is 46″ to 48″, so it was a bit hard to decide. However, as a pear shaped lady who has been emotionally scarred by years of having clothing that was way too big through the bust, I decided to go with the XL.


At the time I cut this, I think my hip measurement was around 51″ (though it was closer to 53″ when I took these pictures) and the XXL is designed for 48″-50″. I graded it up slightly by adding 1/2″ to the side seam on the back piece only, to add 1″ in width total. I’m really happy with that modification, this sweater fits much better than anything I have bought in RTW and it isn’t too shapeless from the back.


Now to the real start of the show! This organic hemp/cotton blend sweater knit from Stonemountain and Daughter is one of my absolute favorite fabrics. In fact, I bought it in two more colorways the next time they sent out a 25% coupon. You can sometimes find this same fabric in other places for less, but if you sign up for the Stonemountain email list, they send out 10-25% off coupons quite frequently, which I take advantage of more often than I would like to admit. They always have high quality fabrics and I feel like I can trust that I will be happy with any purchase from them, which is important to me since my closet “local” fabric stores are two hours away and have limited garment fabric selections. Plus, they have great customer service and such a fun and inspirational presence on social media that I feel like they are filling a gap for those of us that can’t shop locally. Anyways, this is not an ad, I just really appreciate the service they provide!


This pattern went together just as easily as expected. The pockets were a bit fiddly, especially since I decided to sew them on with my coverstitch machine for some crazy reason. Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t made another yet, but it is on my list for Christmas gift sewing! This is my favorite type of project, easy to sew and easy to wear.


Just the Facts:

Pattern: Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan worn with my Ginger Jeans and unclogged tunic hacked from the True Bias Southport and Grainline Farrow Dress

Current Measurements: Bust: 45″, Waist 42″, Hip 52″

Size: XL bust, XXL waist, XXL + 1″ hips.

Fabric/Notions: Organic hemp/cotton blend sweater knit from Stonemountain

6 thoughts on “Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan

  1. So gorgeous and very practical Megan! I was going to tell you how many I have made – short, medium, extra long – but then I realized I haven’t made a grey one!!!! The fabric you linked to looks divine… 🤔🤔🤔😂


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