Ottobre Magazine 5/2018 Autumn Warmer Hoodie V1


As soon as I started seeing previews for last fall’s Ottobre issue, I knew that this “Autumn Warmer” hoodie would be first up on my list! Unfortunately, my issue got lost in the mail somehow and I had to painfully watch everyone share Instagram pictures of the magazines as they received them, while it became more and more apparent that mine wasn’t coming!


Fortunately, Ottobre has amazing customer service and they shipped out a new magazine to me just as soon as I contacted them. Unfortunately, they are based in Finland so it was at least another two weeks until I got mine! By that time, I couldn’t wait any longer and immediately sewed my first version of this pattern. I have to say, this is why I like PDFs. Instant sewing gratification! But I don’t regret my Ottobre subscription at all, I only regret that I haven’t sewn more of the patterns from the four issues that I have.


This is my first pattern magazine, and I was a bit nervous to try it since it seemed like there was a bit of a learning curve regarding the whole pattern magazine thing. However, I think that Ottobre is a great introduction to that style of pattern delivery. The women’s issue delivers twice a year and has a manageable amount of patterns that are nicely designed, elevated basics. This pattern can be found in issue 5/2018. Unfortunately you can’t buy it as a stand alone PDF pattern, but you can order the issue with all 20 patterns for EUR 10.75 on their website. While you are at it, you might as well subscribe!


This is my first version of this pattern, you will see the second version soon. On this version, I forgot to add seam allowances, which is a typical mistake for me with this pattern company since I am not used to having to add them myself. Watch out for that! I’m happy with the fit, but this fabric may have had a little more stretch than the merino knit that the pattern was intended for.


This is a french terry that was bought locally (well, sort of, if you count 2 hours away as local since its my closest independent fabric store). Unfortunately, it pilled like crazy and I really shouldn’t wear it out of the house anymore, it looks 10 times worse than it does in the photos. Fortunately, I also stumbled upon some merino wool knit locally and I made the next version in that… and spoiler alert, its just as amazing as it sounds. Stay tuned!


Just the Facts:

Pattern: Ottobre Magazine Issue 5/2018 “Autumn Warmer” Hoodie

Current Measurements: Bust: 45″, Waist 42″, Hip 52″

Size: I didn’t keep good notes, but it looks like a cut a straight size 50, which corresponds with my bust measurement. I’m surprised that I didn’t grade up for this hips, but my notes are bad and I can’t tell? I guess whatever I did worked fine, though. Hah.

Fabric/Notions: Locally purchased french terry, store name hidden to protect the innocent! I let them know about the issue with the fabric and it sounds like they won’t be restocking it.


4 thoughts on “Ottobre Magazine 5/2018 Autumn Warmer Hoodie V1

  1. I love Ottobre. They really do have excellent customer service. This looks so luxe and comfortable–sad that the fabric pilled so badly! I can’t wait to see your merino version.


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