Ottobre Magazine 5/2018 Autumn Warmer Hoodie V2


Here it is! My second version of the Ottobre Magazine  “Autumn Warmer” Hoodie and I want to wear it every day! There isn’t much to say that wasn’t said in my first post about this pattern, so this will mostly be pictures.


I was lucky enough to stumble upon this merino knit in my local(ish) fabric store, Stitchology in Albuquerque. I haven’t seen this type of fabric in stock there before, so I think it was fate that I found this fabric while I was waiting for the Ottobre issue to show up on my door.


I’m still not sure if coral is MY color, and it definitely would not have been my first choice if I has any color options, but this was all they had so I bought it. Its growing on me and it sure does brighten up these gray winter days.


I really can’t express how nice this fabric is to wear, its nice and cozy and has a kind of bouncy recovery so I don’t think its going to get stretched out. It sewed up super easily with the exception of the decorative topstitching. After struggling through the bottom hem, I had a lightbulb moment and taped the front and hood hem with wash away wonder tape. I don’t know why I don’t remember to use this more often, it stabilizes the fabric so that it doesn’t stretch out and makes up for the fact that I don’t have a walking foot.


On this version, I remembered to add seam allowance when I cut it out. However, the sleeves ended up just a little too baggy for my liking and I ended up slimming them back down to where they would have been without the seam allowances (I removed about 3/4″ from each sleeve).


This sweater really fits well into my everyday life. My office is hoodie type of place; I work with a lot of guys and hoodies and carhartts seem to be the unspoken uniform. I like that this sweater looks nicer than your typical hoodie, while still allowing me to maintain that “I swear I’m not dressed up” vibe at work. Just perfect!

Just the Facts:

Pattern: Ottobre Magazine Issue 5/2018 “Autumn Warmer” Hoodie

Current Measurements: Bust: 45″, Waist 42″, Hip 52″

Size: I didn’t keep good notes, but it looks like a cut a straight size 50, which corresponds with my bust measurement. I’m surprised that I didn’t grade up for this hips, but my notes are bad and I can’t tell? I guess whatever I did worked fine, though. Hah.

Fabric/Notions: Merino wool knit from Stitchology in Albuquerque

4 thoughts on “Ottobre Magazine 5/2018 Autumn Warmer Hoodie V2

  1. This wool fabric is definitely more impressive then your first make! And the color is bright enough to feel the Spring vibe. However, it’s also very close to what I would call “pumpkin” which is perfect for fall! What a lovely warm hoodie! ❤

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